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In 1988, John Bailey was the manager of a

shoe store in Las Vegas. His inspiration to

get into the power sweeping business came

during a conversation with an old man who cleaned windows. “I asked him what kind of business he thought I should get in,” said Bailey. “He then asked me if I had thought about cleaning up parking lots. I’d never thought about that or seen it done before but I went out and watched a sweeping company at work for a couple nights here in Las Vegas. Now here we are, 25 years later.” 

After asking around, Bailey procured a contract for a grand total of $200 a month to sweep a parking lot. That was enough for him to go get his first sweeper, which was called a ‘Trailer Vac.’ As the name implies, this was a sweeper mounted onto a trailer, one of about six total of the sweeper units that a man working out of a storage locker in nearby Boulder City ended up ever making.

“The Trailer Vac was just what I needed to start out. Not only was it a good choice for me just getting started,” said Bailey, “the fact is, we still have it today and it still works fine after a few refurbishments. Right now we are in the process of mounting it onto another platform and we’ll be sending it back out for a night route somewhere.” Read More

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Pressure Washing

Project 150 is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization that was organized in December, 2011 when the founders heard about 150 homeless high school students at Rancho High School in Las Vegas that were in need of support over the Christmas Break. The effort has expanded to helping over 1,900 in 43 high schools when it was understood that the problems these students faced were prevalent across the valley. Read More 

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Bailey’s Sweeper Service has all truck or trailer mounted, commercial grade pressure washing/steam cleaning equipment. All washers are capable of producing... Read More

Bailey’s Sweeper Service has clean, well maintained sweeper trucks. We operate both air vacuum sweepers and broom sweeping trucks. Read More